Marble and Granite Route

Marble and Granite Route - Espírito Santo - Brazil

The International Marble and GraniteFair is the event that shows the potential of capixaba’s (Resident of the State Espirito Santo) dimensional stones and attracts national and international businesses for the State.

Because of the event, which is a success, it was created the Marble and Granite Touristic Route, itinerary performed by stone buyers and professionals of the segment, and the first touristic route aimed for business tourism in Brazil.

Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Nova Venécia and Vitória stand out in the route, which still includes the cities of Barra de São Francisco, Ecoporanga, Água Doce do Norte, Pancas, Baixo Guandu, Vila Pavão, Muqui, Rio Bananal, São Domingos do Norte, Águia Branca, Alegre, Atílio Vivácqua, Castelo, Colatina, Conceição do Castelo, Linhares, Mimoso do Sul, Serra and Viana. Espírito Santo is the main producer and biggest processer and exporter of dimensional stones in Brazil.

It responds for almost half of the production and exportations of the Country and concentrates more than half of the Brazilian industrial park.


The size of the deposits and the importance of businesses leveraged by this segment justify the inclusion of 21 cities in the Marble and Granite Route. In the south of the State, where Cachoeiro de Itapemirim stands out as main extraction center, are concentrated the marble deposits.

In the north of the State, the extraction and processing of marble and granite stimulated the development of cities and encouraged the creation of thousands of jobs. The region is known as Núcleo de Extração de Nova Venécia [Nova Venécia’s Extraction Point] and has the city as reference.

The main industrial park for processing of ornamental stones is in the south of the State. In parallel, the metropolitan region records a growth of the number of marble and granite processing companies, responsible for the offer of higher aggregate value products.

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