Milgran Granites:Its first edition at the Stone Fair

Milgran is a company operating in the market of ornamental rocks in general, distinguished for working with national and imported raw materials of excellent quality, developing its work with last generation machinery and respecting the harmony of development with sustainability.

In its first participation in the event, the company, which has two industrial plants, one located in Barra de São Francisco, in the State of Espírito Santo, and another strategically located in the city of Rio Verde in the State of Goiás, which also supplies big construction companies throughout State of Goiás, highlighting as its strengths, in addition to the highly qualified staff, the quality and sophistication of the finished product, aligned to punctuality and fair price.

With services in the entire Brazil and also in the foreign market, Milgran offers a line of finished products, such as flooring and polished plates, levigated and raw, with a range of products with innovative ideas for elegant and functional environments such as kitchens, benches, tops, baths, fireplaces, facades.

Raphael Acipreste, owner of Milgran Granites, highlights the participation at the Cachoeiro Stone Fair as a great opportunity for business and personal growth of the company, which operates since 2008, but participates for the first time as an exhibitor at the event."I have been present in other editions as a visitor and I see how this event is important to us entrepreneurs, because it provides us a direct contact with suppliers, and also brings us a range of options to learn new products, since the fair presents novelties in our market segment", he adds.

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Dellas will be present at Cachoeiro Stone Fair
An example of leading-edge excellence in the stone cutting sector since 1973, in 40 years of activity, Dellas Spa, an Italian company, has reached a leading position in the international market of the production and sales of diamond tools for marble, granite and engineered stone.

HEDEL presents novelties during the Cachoeiro Stone Fair
The Hedel Machine and Equipments is always looking for technological innovations, seeking to enhance the Project and the idea of each customer. On this edition of Cachoeiro Stone Fair they will display a complete line of equipments, their improvements, and also, two big releases of 2015. For Marble Factory line, HEDEL has launched with absolute acceptance the Bridge Saw Machine SPH 450 Premium, the only manufactured in Brazil projected to cut into 360° circles and ellipse, with CNC control, touchscreen HMI that allows the programation measures and cuts design on the screen

Inpol at the service of he mining industry
Inpol Indústria de Poliuretano (Inpol Polyurethane Industry), ranked among the leaders in PU processing in Brazil, will receive customers and partners at the 40th edition of the International Marble and Granite Fair, Cachoeiro Stone Fair, at its own booth located at the ‘Parque de Exposição Carlos Caiado Barbosa’ (Carlos Caiado Barbosa Exhibition Center), pavilion 3, booths 255/256. A nationally-recognized manufacturer of a wide range of technical parts and polyurethane components for all kinds of industries

Russian machine for cutting irregular stone blocks in Cachoeiro Stone Fair
Alligator machine arrives in Brazil to attend the 40th edition of the International Fair of Marble and Granite, Cachoeiro Stone Fair in the city Cachoeiro de Itapemirim - Espírito Santo, between 25 and 28 August in this year. The machine created by Lebedev makes extraction of raw blocks with irregular shapes. The name refers to the punch that settle in the rock, and also the wedges, which then will virtually biting it.

SIGMA TOOLS: Specialist in Pneumatic and Power Tools for marble shops.
Sigma Tools is one of the largest companies in the pneumatic machines segment in Brazil. The brand is synonymous with high-quality tools, efficiency and durability. We have all spare parts in stock and a chain of service centers spread throughout the country.

SIM FERRAGENS will be present at Cachoeiro Stone Fair
The main motive for SIM Ferragens in Cachoeiro Stone Fair is the approach of our current and potential customers, enabling strengthen our product line and our competitive advantages. We hope that the presence of the most important companies in the sector present at the fair, can bring new business and this is a milestone in strengthening partnerships with marble workers.

Wagner colora participates for the first time in CACHOEIRO STONE FAIR
The company was founded with the name Coloratecni in 1978 in Milan thanks to a family enterprise; it started designing and manufacturing pneumatic pumps for the spray application of painting products and application of bicomponent resin for marbles and granites. In 1995 Wagner Group takes over Coloratecni which is renamed Wagner colora.

Makor Internacional will be present at Cachoeiro Stone Fair
Over than 30 years in the stones market, Makor International is one of the largest importers and distributors of machinery and supplies for treatment of stones in Brazil. Operating across the country, currently has a portfolio of more than 2,500 active customers and approximately 180 local distributors spread throughout Brazil.

Z Lion presents your product line
Z lion Brasil is a high-tech company, has import and export authority. Its products mainly include diamond polishing pads and cutting blades, which are mainly used for stone processing, some can be also used for grinding and polishing of ceramics, glass and concrete.

Breton launches new multiwire machine in Cachoeiro Stone Fair
Since the beginning of its activity Breton has also dedicated itself to manufacturing machines and plants for processing natural stone. In January 2014 Breton opened a new brazilian headquarter in Cachoeiro da Itapemirim (State of Espirito Santo). Breton do Brasil provides an efficient technical service after sales for the Brazilians customers.

Carleti Equipamentos offers solutions for the segment of products for overturning benches
Carleti Equipamentos is always innovating in their products. Today is the only company in Brazil to manufacture and sell Pneumatic Pillow and Hydrobag, facing the segment separation products and overturning boards.

Duna- Corradini brings news to Cachoeiro Stone Fair
“We are so excited to participate to Cachoeiro Stone Fair” reports Marta Brozzi, President and CEO, “as we see in Brazil a country rich of development opportunities and definitely a reference for the production of natural stone”.

Milgran Granites:Its first edition at the Stone Fair
Milgran is a company operating in the market of ornamental rocks in general, distinguished for working with national and imported raw materials of excellent quality, developing its work with last generation machinery and respecting the harmony of development with sustainability.

Ecotools specializes in bringing innovative solutions and products, mainly to the mining and construction industries.
Ecotools specializes in bringing innovative solutions and products, mainly to the mining and construction industries. For that, the company has an integrate management of the whole supply chain which goes from the on demand production of the product abroad to the maintenance and replacement of parts including technological development at competitive prices.

Sicoob presents products and services at competitive prices
Sicoob Credirochas will display at the Cachoeiro Stone Fair its portfolio of products and services, with competitive prices when compared to the conventional market. As the cooperative financial institution is acquainted with its associates, it can see to them according to their needs, with presicion and skill.

Texaco´s Ursa truck arrives in Espírito Santo for its first Stone Fair
The itinerant truck enveloped with the Ursa brand logo, by Texaco, traveling around Brazil, comes to Espírito Santo in order to participate in the Stone Fair, in late August (25-28). Unlike other events, where the truck provides medical care, at the Stone Fair, the vehicle - which is 50-feet long - run as a stand where meetings and technical training will be held with the most important customers in the industry. \"The highlight will be the introduction of the new formulation of Texaco product families using Premium Group II base oil technology.

Usimac presents new products at Cachoeiro Stone Fair
With 10 years in the market, Usimac, machine and equipment manufacturer for the Natural Stone sector, preserves the commitment to quality, technology and most importantly, respect for customers, partners and friends. Usimac is a company that seeks innovation, leading the industry to what is best in the processing area, with the production of the latest machinery and equipment.

Sigma Granitos will introduce new materials at Cachoeiro Stone Fair 2015
With 27 years of experience in the landscaping stones industry, Sigma Granitos, of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, will introduce new granite patterns in its marketed line during the Cachoeiro Stone Fair 2015. The company has been participating since the fair’s first edition, and the CEO of Sigma, Kátia Coelho Travaglia, stressed that attendance is important to introduce new products to the market.

Sete Distribuidora de Insumos e Rochas is participating for the first time in Cachoeiro Stone Fair
With a 10-year experience in the market of raw materials for processing of ornamental stones, Sete Distribuidora is run by partner Fabíola Depes Sandrini. Located in the BNH area, and serves businesses to the south region of the state. It is a reference in the inputs industry for the quality of its products, imports, and the prompt service.

Ecologic Stone presents innovations at the Cachoeiro Stone Fair
Ecologic Stone brought to Itapemirim another complete production line of quartz surfaces to meet the growing demand for differentiated materials, which enabled the development of a new line, the Absolute. The new line features smooth quartz surface plates also manufactured in a series of colors

SARZICOMEX exhibits the Pneumatic Pillow and the Hydrobag at Cachoeiro Stone Fair
SARZICOMEX is a reseller of machinery and equipment for mining and participates in the Cachoeiro Stone Fair Feira Internacional do Mármore e Granito since 2011. The company will be presenting the Italian equipments Pneumatic Pillow and Hydrobag for the segment of ornamental rocks to the Capixaba market.

REXFORT presents comprehensive mix of solutions for marble shops
For over a year REXFORT confirms its participation in Cachoeiro Stone Fair and repeat the success of previous editions to provide innovative solutions. With an expanded mix, the company displays when editing 2015 solutions in automatic machines for polishing edge, saws for cutting and crushing plants for waste recovery ensuring the competitiveness and efficiency to the marble shops.

Pemagran will exhibit New Releases in the 40th edition of Cachoeiro Stone Fair
During the 40th edition of Cachoeiro Stone Fair, in addition to the materials already established in the market, Pemagran will present a wide range of imports. The marbles are Nero Marquina, Emperor Brown, Perlato, Crema Marfil, Alaska and Rojo Alicante. The synthetic Prime and Super Nano line will also be presented.

IWT Services offers complete line for treatment of water for reuse
IWT Services offers a complete solution for treating industrial wastewater and treated effluents, with high quality and high performance chemicals, providing specialized technical assistance. At Cachoeiro Stone Fair 2015, we will present our complete line for treatment of water for reuse, so important in times of water crisis.

Visit the Gramil booth in the Cachoeiro Stone Fair
Gramil offersa line featuring over 50different materials, including 16fromits own quarries. All of thisbenefits the stocking of excellent products and it provides an outstandingexperience for the customers. Gramil is a solidand innovativecompany engagedin the industry of landscaping stones for over35 years.

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