The latest technology in machinery, equipment and supplies is presented in Cachoeiro Stone Fair
Known as the "marble capital", Cachoeiro de Itapemirim also stands out for its important stone processing industrial park, which along with 14 other cities in southern Espirito Santo region is responsible for creating the most important Local Productive Arrangement (APL ) of dimensional stones of Brazil. And as a result of this position that the city holds in the stone segment, this year´s edition brings together the main novelties in machines, equipment and supplies, as well as important producers of marble, granite and other stones.
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Cachoeiro Stone Fair generates optimism in the stone industry
Cachoeiro Stone Fair generates a boost in the sector and creates optimism in the industry, especially to improve the results in 2015. Exhibitors agreed that the event exceeded expectations in their business and created new opportunities. The President of the Sindirochas, Thales Machado, said due to the hard times in the economy, he was afraid of the number of visitors, which was overcome in the first day of the event and he was even more surprised at the end of the event.
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Market inputs and equipment increases expectations for the arrival of the Cachoeiro Stone Fair
On the August 25th, the Cachoeiro Stone Fair 2015 starts its activities and expectations only increase. Each year the event shows the evolution and growth of the industrial park of ornamental segment in the Brazilian and Espírito Santo scenarios, especially in supplies and equipment category only improve to provide higher quality and productivity by sector.
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Sicoob presents products and services at competitive prices
Sicoob Credirochas will display at the Cachoeiro Stone Fair its portfolio of products and services, with competitive prices when compared to the conventional market. As the cooperative financial institution is acquainted with its associates, it can see to them according to their needs, with presicion and skill.
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SIGMA TOOLS: Specialist in Pneumatic and Power Tools for marble shops.
Sigma Tools is one of the largest companies in the pneumatic machines segment in Brazil. The brand is synonymous with high-quality tools, efficiency and durability. We have all spare parts in stock and a chain of service centers spread throughout the country.
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Texaco´s Ursa truck arrives in Espírito Santo for its first Stone Fair
The itinerant truck enveloped with the Ursa brand logo, by Texaco, traveling around Brazil, comes to Espírito Santo in order to participate in the Stone Fair, in late August (25-28). Unlike other events, where the truck provides medical care, at the Stone Fair, the vehicle - which is 50-feet long - run as a stand where meetings and technical training will be held with the most important customers in the industry. \"The highlight will be the introduction of the new formulation of Texaco product families using Premium Group II base oil technology.
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