Marble and granite of Espírito Santo are featured at Casa Cor São Paulo

Marble and granite of Espírito Santo are featured at Casa Cor São Paulo

The refinement, nobility and the exuberance of marble and granite of the Espírito Santo that are in the largest exhibition of architecture, decoration and landscaping of the Americas can be seen up close in Cachoeiro, in August

 Beauty, quality, sophistication and practicality. These are some characteristics of pieces of marble and granite of the Espírito Santo, who are awakening the interest of professionals from São Paulo Architecture areas, Interior Design and Landscape. This is the Casa Cor São Paulo, which is created with two environments and fitted with exclusive materials of Espírito Santo industries. The exhibition will last until July 12 at the Jockey Club, located at Avenida Lineu de Paula Machado, 1263,  Cidade Jardim.

 Able to transform the look of a room, providing sophistication to the decor, the stones can be a good option to finish, both indoors and outdoors, especially because they require little maintenance care. According to recommendation of architects, the use of marble and granite is a trend, but it is necessary to choose the type of stone for each situation. The use may be varied from the floor, kitchen countertop, toilet, office, fireplace and external environment to pool decks.

 Following this global trend, Casa Cor São Paulo 2015 works the theme Brazilianity and has environments that portray the beauty and wealth of natural stone. In this year, participating for the first time, Guidoni and the Pemagran, Espírito Santo industries that are among the 15 largest exporters of marble and granite country. Both participate in the 29th edition of the show with unique materials, which may also be conferred in Cachoeiro Stone Fair from August 25-28 in the Espírito Santo.

 This year, visitors can check out the marbles Iberê Calacata Avalanche and Branco Espírito Santo, exclusive materials from own Pemagran quarry, as featured in the jewelry environment, designed for the brand Fabrizio Giannone. According to the architects Adriana Scartaris and Semara Brito, responsible for design, commercial space of 70m² was inspired by the atmosphere of the enchanted palaces, the girl memories and desires of urban woman to see herself a princess.

 According to the architects explain, the marbles were applied with a paged proposal, referring to the palatial floors, but edited to the present day. For the final result to be achieved successfully, all parts had to be carefully numbered and labeled for mounting stay clean, i.e., possible "match" perfectly shafts.

 Already architects Rodrigo Kolton and Beto Monzon ordered the White Galaxy for the Hall Collector project. White Galaxy presents a whitish cream color in dry and wet. Guidoni arranged the delivery of the nine plates for the project in order to open up the range of options of these materials for the national interior design market, so famous throughout the world.

 The extraction of White Galaxy is held in the state of Espirito Santo, and all industrial process follows a strict quality control, with what is most modern in the world on extraction and granite processing.

 Exotic lines in Cachoeiro Stone Fair

 Cachoeiro Stone Fair 2015 takes place from August 25-28, from 2p.m. to 8p.m., within 30000 m² of Carlos Caiado Barbosa Exhibition Park and during the event, entrepreneurs and local, national and international visitors who are at the fair they will have the opportunity to meet and close to appreciate the innovations, trends and highlights available.


 In 2014, the fair brought together 220 exhibitors and received more than 25,000 visitors from all Brazilian states, and record the presence of visitors from 700 Brazilian cities, as well as 18 other countries. For this year, the organization hopes to bring together the most important companies operating in the segment of ornamental stones of Brazil and the world. Cachoeiro Stone Fair is organized by Milanez & Milaneze in cooperation with Veronafiere and promoted by Sindirochas and Cetemag.

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The latest technology in machinery, equipment and supplies is presented in Cachoeiro Stone Fair
Known as the "marble capital", Cachoeiro de Itapemirim also stands out for its important stone processing industrial park, which along with 14 other cities in southern Espirito Santo region is responsible for creating the most important Local Productive Arrangement (APL ) of dimensional stones of Brazil. And as a result of this position that the city holds in the stone segment, this year´s edition brings together the main novelties in machines, equipment and supplies, as well as important producers of marble, granite and other stones.
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Cachoeiro Stone Fair generates optimism in the stone industry
Cachoeiro Stone Fair generates a boost in the sector and creates optimism in the industry, especially to improve the results in 2015. Exhibitors agreed that the event exceeded expectations in their business and created new opportunities. The President of the Sindirochas, Thales Machado, said due to the hard times in the economy, he was afraid of the number of visitors, which was overcome in the first day of the event and he was even more surprised at the end of the event.
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Stone sector will Bandes credit during the Cachoeiro Stone Fair
The credit for investment in the ornamental stone sector is on the rise in the Development Bank of the Espírito Santo (Bandes). Sector companies and stakeholders will have exclusive service during the Cachoeiro Stone Fair 2015 which takes place from August 25 to 28. The Espírito Santo Bank will attend the event, at the stand of the government of the Espírito Santo.
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Market inputs and equipment increases expectations for the arrival of the Cachoeiro Stone Fair
On the August 25th, the Cachoeiro Stone Fair 2015 starts its activities and expectations only increase. Each year the event shows the evolution and growth of the industrial park of ornamental segment in the Brazilian and Espírito Santo scenarios, especially in supplies and equipment category only improve to provide higher quality and productivity by sector.
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Cachoeiro Stone Fair offers good business opportunity for the construction industry
The International Marble and Granite Fair - Cachoeiro Stone Fair, which takes place from August 25 to 28, from 14 to 20 hours, is already a reference in the calendar of the dimensional stone sector. The event will gather in Cachoeiro do Itapemirim, Espírito Santo, national and international exhibitors to present what is most modern in the industry and the latest in classic and exotic materials for the segment of ornamental stones.
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Espírito Santo is the market for Italian technology
The great demand for machinery for the processing of processes and the wide range of new materials exposed in the Brazilian market, has moved increasingly the stone sector, especially with the activities of the fair. And in recent years, some trends have been strengthened and realizing between Brazil and Italy. One is the export growth to other markets.
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Cachoeiro Stone Fair will present innovation in machinery for the segment of ornamental stones
Machinery and equipment that will be exhibited are a big draw for visitors to the event, both for its grandeur and by its majestic technological devices. If they are manufactured in Brazil or other countries, these products already make up 70% of all the show floor. Hence, the Cachoeiro Stone Fair attracts more and more interested in what is newest in this market.
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State Government will have an integrated space in Cachoeiro Stone Fair
The Government of the State of Espírito Santo will be at Cachoeiro Stone Fair on an integrated space with Sedes, Setur, Bandes and Banestes. They are together to provide a range of products and services to the fair visitors. In addition to tourist information of the region and the State, the stand will be and integrated space with craftwork, agrotourism products and services targeted to business owners and entrepreneurs interested in financing.
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Innovation and technology are the Cachoeiro Stone Fair 2015 attractions
The sector of ornamental stones has an important ally for promotion, relationship, technology and innovation, research, equipment and latest generation of machines, which are responsible for assisting in all phases of the production process segment. It is the Cachoeiro Stone Fair 2015 - International Fair of Marble and Granite, held August 25-28 in the south of the Espírito Santo.
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Cachoeiro Stone Fair 2015 will feature improvements and new spaces for merchandising
Each year the Cachoeiro Stone Fair invests in improvements, search for new suppliers and partners for the event to offer increasingly positive results for exhibitors and visitors. This year, in partnership with companies in the sector and also with the local municipality the organization will conduct some reforms in the Carlos Caiado Park.
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Cachoeiro Stone Fair will receive micro and small businesses with support from Sebrae/ES
Exhibit products and offer services that can change the routine of other institutions and visitors from various parts of the world. For this purpose, many companies seek to participate in the Cachoeiro Stone Fair, which takes place August 25-28 in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim. But obstacles such as limited funds, small staff or lack of space can hinder. And to support these companies, the Brazilian Support Service for Micro and Small State Enterprises (Sebrae/ES) provides grants for micro and small state grab this unique opportunity.
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Visitors of Cachoeiro Stone Fair 2015 already foster the local economy
With less than 60 days to the beginning of the next edition of the Cachoeiro Stone Fair, the event which is a reference on the worldwide already moves the business tourism in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, in the State and in Brazil. With more than 25,000 visitors from 700 cities in Brazil are expected, as well as exhibitors, businessmen and foreign visitors, the fair provides a dynamic economy and especially mobilizes the local community.
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Marble and granite of Espírito Santo are featured at Casa Cor São Paulo
The refinement, nobility and the exuberance of marble and granite of the Espírito Santo that are in the largest exhibition of architecture, decoration and landscaping of the Americas can be seen up close in Cachoeiro, in August
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Cachoeiro Stone Fair awakes interest of new international exhibitors
New national and international exhibitors will be present in August. This year the event will have unprecedented participation of Russia, Spain and Italy. In addition to the increasing number of foreign companies to come to the Espírito Santo and to the fair for the first time, there are also industries that reinforce the prominence of the fair and are present in all editions.
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Partnership Localiza and Cachoeiro Stone Fair
Cachoeiro Stone Fair, considered one of the largest and most important events dedicated to the segment of ornamental stones, supplies and equipment to the market, and Localiza, the largest network of car rental agencies in South America, have signed an exclusive agreement for benefits those who will participate in the fair.
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Brazil is among ten countries that host more international events
The tourism business travelers spend 50% more than those who travel for pleasure, says the Ministry of Tourism. And the Marble and Granite Route is the first in Brazil specifically geared for business tourism.
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Marble Espírito Santo is recognized in the IBGE Map
Espírito Santo appears in the Map of Geographical Indications in Brazil, which was created by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) through a partnership with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) and released in May of this year. Be present at this mapping grants recognition of ornamental stone marble from Brazil to the Espírito Santo and allows the use of Geographical Indication seal (IG), granted in 2012.
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Cachoeiro Stone Fair moves the Ornamental Stones segment
Meeting point of the stone sector, the International Marble and Granite Fair - Cachoeiro Stone Fair reaches its 40th edition. From 25 to August 28, at 2pm-8pm, the fair already is a reference in the world calendar will gather in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, national and international exhibitors to present what is most modern in the industry, and the dissemination of innovation in machinery, equipment, supplies and classic and exotic materials for the segment of ornamental stones.
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Cachoeiro Stone Fair´s Results increase optimism in the sector
Business and contacts made during Cachoeiro Stone Fair 2014 animated representatives of the ornamental stones sector, which raised the optimism atmosphere for the coming months and early 2015. This edition had a great participation of representatives of the machinery and equipment sector and also presented fairly news on stones. A true showroom in both segments.
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