Spotlight 2014
Toolstar Group arrives in Brazil
After export and conquer the market of India, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, United States, Europe and the Middle East, the Toolstar group arrives at the Brazil with full force, becoming the first Chinese company in the business of diamond wire and machines for granite extraction to invest and set up a subsidiary company in Brazil.
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Dellas will be present at Cachoeiro Stone Fair
An example of leading-edge excellence in the stone cutting sector since 1973, in 40 years of activity, Dellas Spa, an Italian company, has reached a leading position in the international market of the production and sales of diamond tools for marble, granite and engineered stone.
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In partnership with ddchem, Nebrax supplies resins with low olfactory impact
Represented exclusively by Nebrax in Brazil, ddchem is a company that consolidated its space in the Ornamental sector when transferring to its customers all the technology and know-how to aggregate products currently supplied in the market. The materials will be exposed in 2014 Cachoeiro Stone Fair.
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Corcovado Brasigran Group attends Cachoeiro Stone Fair
In business since 1971, the Corcovado Brasigran Group is represented in Cachoeiro Stone Fair, one of the leading events of ornamental rocks the country, presenting trends and solutions to market. \"The event is an important showcase for the market. It\'s a great opportunity to expand business and also to keep the relationship channel with our customers, partners and suppliers\", says Renata Malenza, company\'s marketing director.
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The French company Thibaut bring back the T108
The French company Thibaut present the T108 V4 for second time in the International Marble and Granite Fair. The machine is manual with multifunction to work in granite, marble and several types of ornamental stones. Thus the last year, the equipment will be working in real conditions at Exhibition Center so that those interested can show what itīs capable of.
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Pemagran complets 35 years of history in 2014
Known internationally for its classic and unique exotic materials, the company is today the reference of Ornamental Stones market. Thinking about your customers and leveraging showcase of Cachoeiro Stone Fair, a new unit of the group will be opened in order to meet the immediate demands of the internal market.
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From innovation to style
Since 1968, year of its foundation, that Marbrasa searches the best techniques to produce materials with quality. Besides investment in technology, the company has been dedicating its biggest resources to the people, by valuing the human development, professional and social. Thatīs the reason nowadays, besides to be a pioneer at this segment, it highlights as one of the main companies of ornamental stones market.
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Elantas presents novelties in Cachoeiro Stone Fair
Epoxy resins to restore and embellish surface of plates: -low or medium-viscosity for capillary or fine cracksand broken materials
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The Fair Cachoeiro Stone Fair is the leading fair of the sector of ornamental stones beneficiation of the Brazilian market. The Hedel machines, consider participating in this event as its biggest driver of business contacts and Stone Fair is beyond doubt one of the biggest events with booster sales and developing new markets
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Bellinzoni brings removers and special adhesives for marble and granite
Present on the world market since 1937, Bellinzoni, Italian product company for surface treatment, is certain presence in 2014 Cachoeiro Stone Fair. On occasion, two products that promise to make life easier for a lot of people will be presented: a. Colaquartzo Neutra, which can be pigmented with dye to meet quartz and the Remoxi, product able to remove excess epoxy grout without damaging the material.
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Makor Internacional is present in Cachoeiro Stone Fair
Over than 30 years in the stones market, Makor International is one of the largest importers and distributors of machinery and supplies for treatment of stones in Brazil. t has a wide range of products for marble industry and will present during the fair products already established for their quality and prices, plus new materials (market innovations).
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Economy in several areas are the proposal of the Italian company Pedrini
Italian company Pedrini arrives in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim with many novelties in the luggage. Present in the Brazilian market for 30 years, the company will make the International Marble and Granite Fair the stage of some releases of high-tech machines that promise to provide entrepreneurs a space saving, time and energy in the finishing plates.
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