The Sector

Brazil has an immense quantity of mineral riches with a great exporting potential in the dimensional stone sector. It's the 8th country in block exportations and 5th in exporting finished dimensional stones.
Recently, the stone market in the country moves around 2.1 billion dollars a year, including the internal and external commercial market and the transaction of machines, equipments, related supplies, materials and services.
There are more then 1,200 varieties is dimensional stones found in the Brazilian ground and explored by more then 12.000 companies installed through out national territory, generating 100 thousand direct jobs. More then 90% of the investments on the Brazilian industrial park sector are done in Espirito Santo.


More then 90% of the investments in the Brazilian stone sector industries are achieved in Espírito Santo. The state became a world reference in marble and granite and a leader in its national stone production, presenting its immense geological potential, widely developed through investments in geological, extraction technology and improvement researches.

      ■ 2nd largest industrial pole in the world of the sector 

      ■ 50% of the production in the national market

      ■ 65% of the Brazilian exportations

      ■ Largest producer, processor and exporter of Brazil

      ■ 1.5 million tons of blocks and slabs exported.

      ■ Largest reserve of marble in the country.

      ■ 130,000 direct and indirect Jobs.

      ■ 800,000m³ of Stones extracted annually.

The activity generates significant resources, brings lasting partnerships, stimulates the technology researches, creates new opportunities and attracts good business not only for the stone segment, but also acts positively in other sectors of the economy, attracting the business tourism and widely potentializing the producing and improvement stone markets, in an expanse productive chain that attracts a great volume of investments. Generates jobs, revenue and great social economical opportunities.

Espírito Santo diverse types of stones, processing companies' primary (sawing/cutting) and secondary (punishments and finish products), machine fabricators, equipments and industrial related supply, sub-contractors, technology centers, and others. The City that mostly stands out is Cachoeiro de Itapemirim. It has the largest reserve of marble and largest industrial park of dimensional stones in the country. But the sector isn't only concentrated in this city. The states has the main productive chain in the South, where is located the Productive arrangement of Stones (APL) made of 14 cities. The APL stands out for the extraction of marble and the processing of stone. The North and Northeast of Espirito Santo concentrate on about 70% of granite extraction. The Metropolitan region of Grande Vitoria doesn't stay out, registering an increase on the number of big processing industries.

Because of this increase, the dimensional stone sector generates jobs for 130 thousand capixabas (20 thousand direct jobs and 110 thousand indirect jobs)

Gang Saws
Espirito Santo owns around 900 gang saws in operation in the state, which represents about 57% of the gang saws installed in Brazil. Most of them are located in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim.

800 thousand cubic meters of stone extracted from the state yearly.

1,200 stone varieties in Brazilian.

In the local economy, the stone sector corresponds with around 7% of the capixaba GDP.

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