From classics to exotic, marbles are trend
Exotic marbles exposed in Cachoeiro Stone Fair show that the Brazilian ornamental stone market continues to innovate. These materials which are attracting attention for their beauty and rarity until recently were dynamited and turned to industrial dust. And if the exotic granites enchant architects, decorators and designers for its exclusivity, the marbles with different shades are much more rare
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Ornamental stones exposed in Cachoeiro Stone Fair will be in 2016 Olympics Village
Marbles and capixaba granites will be present in one of the largest real estate projects in execution of the Americas - Ilha Pura, a residential condominium in Barra da Tijuca, which will serve as the Olympic Village and will house the thousands of athletes who will be in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. To get an idea of the level requirement to participate in the mega venture, Ilha Pura Vila dos Atletas, a planned neighborhood with 31 buildings divided into seven independent Condos in an area equivalent to Barra da Tijuca Peninsula with full infrastructure and landscaping signed by Burle Marx office.
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Cachoeiro Stone Fairīs Results increase optimism in the sector
Business and contacts made during Cachoeiro Stone Fair 2014 animated representatives of the ornamental stones sector, which raised the optimism atmosphere for the coming months and early 2015. This edition had a great participation of representatives of the machinery and equipment sector and also presented fairly news on stones. A true showroom in both segments.
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