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Sector data from Brazil

Espírito Santo, state that hosts Cachoeiro Stone Fair, is the largest exporter of ornamental stones in Brazil. The main companies that exploit, benefit and export the more than 1,200 varieties of materials in the country are located in the State. We are the leading supplier of slabs in North America and of blocks in China.

The most diverse stones extracted in Brazilian territory pass through Espírito Santo, destined mainly to Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, to be benefited and exported. There are more than 1,500 active quarries, which generate more than 120 thousand direct jobs in the sector.

The most updated data are in the Brazilian Association of the Ornamental Stones Industry (Abirochas), partner of Cachoeiro Stone Fair.


The size of the Brazilian sector of Ornamental Rocks – 2018

  • ▪ US$ 992,55 million in revenue and 2,20 million tons exported;  
    ▪ Espírito Santo is the main exporting state (US$ 791,4 million and 1,65 million tons); 
    ▪ Exports to 120 countries on all continents; 
    ▪ 1.200 varieties sold in domestic and foreign markets;
    ▪ 1.500 active quarries;
    ▪ 10 thousand companies operating in the production chain;
    ▪ 120 thousand direct jobs in the sector; 
    ▪ At least 400 companies exporting; 
    ▪ Major supplier to the US Market (US$ 594,4 million exported).



Cachoeiro Stone Fair
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