The Sector

Sector data from Brazil

Espírito Santo, state that hosts Cachoeiro Stone Fair, is the largest exporter of ornamental stones in Brazil. The main companies that exploit, benefit and export the more than 1,200 varieties of materials in the country are located in the State. We are the leading supplier of slabs in North America and of blocks in China.

The most diverse stones extracted in Brazilian territory pass through Espírito Santo, destined mainly to Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, to be benefited and exported. There are more than 1,500 active quarries, which generate more than 120 thousand direct jobs in the sector, with a production capacity of 50 million m² / year of simple processing stones.

The most updated data are in the Brazilian Association of the Ornamental Stones Industry (Abirochas), partner of Cachoeiro Stone Fair.


The size of the Brazilian sector of Ornamental Rocks – 2016

  • Estimated production of 9.3 million tons of ornamental stones;
  • 1200 varieties traded in domestic and foreign markets;
  • 1500 active quarries;
  • 10,000 companies operating in the production chain;
  • 120 thousand direct jobs in the sector;
  • Production capacity of 50 million m²/year of simple processing stones;
  • Domestic consumption of 70.3 million m², including simple and special processing stones;
  • USD 1.21 billion (6% of the world total) and 2.32 million tonnes (5% of the world total) exported;
  • Balance of USD 1,106.4 million in the trade balance of the stone sector;
  • Exports of 22.6 million square meters of granite and of similar slabs (2 cm thick);
  • At least 400 exporting companies (sales abroad to 120 countries);
  • Fifth largest mineral-based producer exported by Brazil, behind iron ore, copper ore, gold and iron-niobium;
  • Commercial transactions exceeding US $ 5 billion in domestic and foreign markets;
  • Leading supplier to the US market (USD 715.1 million exported);
  • Largest and best producer of slabs (capacity of 93 million m²/year);
  • 320 multi-mill diamond looms in operation. 90% installed in Espírito Santo.