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Estabelished as one of the main fairs in the sector, Cachoeiro Stone Fair presents the Clube do Marmorista

If you are a fabricator, a distributor or have a warehouse, please contact us and join this project, which includes a special program and exclusive benefits to its members.

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The program offers:

· 2 nights stay in a hotel – single room (Check in 08/27/2019 – Check out 08/29/2019) *;
· Transfer – Vitoria Airport x Hotel in Cachoeiro x Vitoria Airport**;
· Transfer – Hotel x Fair x Hotel**;
· Exclusive credential with access to the Marmorista Club Space;
· Wifi Zone;
· Participation in the “Portas Abertas” Program, with visits to the main companies of the region participating in the event.

*Limited vacancies;

**With pre-established schedules.

Completing this form does not imply confirmation. The approval of the benefit in the Clube do Marmorista will be made after analysis of the requesting company by Milanez & Milaneze.

Cachoeiro Stone Fair
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